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Blackberry Q5 India Release Launch Date July 16 Priced@Rs 25,000-Specs Features Of BB Q5

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BlackBerry Q5 launching in India on July 16 for Rs. 25,000

July 16th could be the release date of Blackberry Q5 in India. This is the latest from BB launches in India. Interestingly, this Q5 is all set to hog limelight as it would be most cost-effective, cheapest in a word, priced at Rs 25,000, Blackberry smartphone in the country.       

Now, the ripple which BB tried to spread to re-gain its flagging market share by Blackberry 10 is on the wane already.

In such circumstances, any product which is launched by BB, should be ‘something; as the Rs, 20,000 to Rs 30,000 is already choc-o-block with different smartphones. This is where developing nations hold the key for Blackberry, as a brand. Dubai saw advent of Q5 few days back.

As a baton relay, let us see how expectations would react once specs of Q5 are released. At the moment, specifications and features of Q5 are mentioned as under:

Specs Of Blackberry Q5

  • Blackberry Q5 has its QWERTY keyboard.
  • All set to run on the latest OS from Blackberry, Blackberry 10.
  • It has 3.1-inch of display screen with 720 x 720 pixels of resolution.

The Big Things:

BB Q5 houses Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Plus dual-core processor and comes with 2GB of RAM – great for internal processing yielding high speed.

Cased under a plastic casing.

The Internal Storage is of 8GB and it also comes with microSD card support upto 64GB.

Q 5 needs to
















In typical, BlackBerry fashion the Q5 also flaunts a full QWERTY keyboard and it will become the second BB10 smartphone to have one after the launch of the very expensive Q10. Features wise it’s not too dissimilar from the Q10 as it too features a 3.1-inch display with a 720×720 pixel resolution. However, this time around the company is using a LCD panel rather a Super AMOLED panel like on the Q10.



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