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iPhone 6 Release Launch Date Rumours

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After Samsung striking hard in the stronghold of Apple we could expect some retaliations to the extreme as apart from USA iPhone falls short of Galaxy sales across the globe and with Samsung heading to New York the big Apple, the company will launch something big.

Now as per trends it’s supposed to be the turn of 5S but sources reveal that Apple might scrap away 5S in favour of iPhone 6. Here are a few trending news/rumours about iPhone 6

This would be called as magic pad because anywhere you touch on the down panel it will take you to home page so bye-bye physical buttons.



New iPhone 6 is rumoured to be spill resistant and fall resistant but now don’t you start dropping your phone in water. It’s just spill resistant and you can’t bathe with it and expect it running.

Thinner iPhone 6

New iphone 6 will be losing some width and will be 6.1mm thick then the predecessor iPhone5 which is 7.6mm! So all those ladies in the skirts now you won’t have iPhone poking out.

For the time being, you can always check iPhone reviews in India !

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  1. Is this serious? I am seriously waiting to get this phone. Liking the specs, better than 5S I guess

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